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CerMet Kills The Friction

CERMET (ceramic-metal) will significantly reduce friction in all metal-to-metal friction pair environments. This dramatic reduction in friction creates an extremely efficient mechanism that in turn will reduce the load on individual metal parts and translate into significant energy savings. In combustion engines and their connected drive trains, this efficiency will improve gas mileage, oil pressure, cylinder compression, and overall performance while reducing oil consumption and harmful exhaust emissions.

Once CERMET reaches the friction zone, it utilizes the energy generated by friction and triggers a physiochemical process that cleans and transforms the metalís surface into a ceramic-metal bond. This new active CERMET layer also attracts the microscopic metal particles, that are present in the lubricant, and re-attaches them thus restoring and repairing the worn areas within these friction zones. A CERMET layer is then formed and in turn integrates with and bonds to the metal surface protecting and producing far less friction allowing the engine to run more smoothly and efficiently. Having a more efficient engine or mechanism saves you fuel, energy and money.

Cylinder walls, piston rings, oil pumps, turbochargers, axles, bushings and bearings will all be restored to like new or better than new condition. Engine cylinder ellipticity will also be corrected and will operate much better and with less noise and vibration. In the event of a catastrophic oil loss, you may even drive up to 120 miles without oil with virtually no damage. Due to CerMet's revitalization features, your engine, gears, bearings and other mechanisms can be constantly kept in perfect condition, and your vehicles or machines will be protected well beyond their normal life expectancy.

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Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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