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A New Discovery

In the late 1950's, in the outreach of Siberia, a group of geological engineers had discovered a new phenomenon while deep drilling into the Earth's crust and mantle layers. During these expeditions, when drilling at certain depths, they noticed their drill bits were not wearing out as usual. In fact, they looked brand new. After close scientific study it was determined that a certain combination of minerals, coupled with the grinding of these minerals to nano-particle size, and utilizing the energy from the friction of drilling as a catalyzer, caused a phenomenal chemical reaction to take place.

This chemical reaction, briefly explained, actually modified the atomic structure of the metal's top surface layer to become "ceramic-like" in property. Remarkably, it also created atomic attractors at the metal's surface that would attract and re-attach the minute metal particles floating around in the surrounding lubrication. This restoration of the metal's surface allowed worn areas to be renewed and transformed thus forming a much harder and smoother "ceramic-metal" layer dramatically reducing friction, extending part life, and actually rebuild and renew the worn out areas of the metal surface.

This phenomenon was held closely within Russia for decades. Russian scientists advanced its capabilities and worked directly with the Ministry of Defense having many applications throughout the Pacific Fleet and other military divisions. This technology was used to repair and revitalize engines, gears, and bearings without disassembly, in fact it was also used to coat the hulls of their nuclear submarines to help improve fluid dynamics. In the early 1990's, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, this technology was introduced to the general scientific community and CerMet Lab has since secured patents and the experienced scientists necessary to become the world leaders in nano-particle friction reducing and metal revitalization technologies. Our scientists continue to make huge strides in the advancement of CerMet and are dedicated to help save energy and resources around the world by means of the reduction of internal losses.


An Industry Changing Technology

Technical advances have had a dramatic impact on our every day lives. Technologies once considered something beyond imagination, are now becoming commonplace, for instance, mobile telephones, Internet technologies, cloning experiments, and so forth. CERMET is another phenomenal technical advance that will change the way we think about friction reduction, metal restoration and protection forever.

Throughout these pages we will explain the physics, science and dramatic results behind the CERMET technology. We are sure that once you completely understand this technology, you will believe in its capabilities and find many uses to save your company or organization significant money, energy and resources.


Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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