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The term "Revitalization" (from Latin "vita" = life) literally means, "returning to life". CERMETís revitalization process is based on unique nano-particle technology unlike anything in the world today. CERMET LABS is the leader in nano-particle metal treatment science. CERMET's physicochemical processes take place in any metal-to-metal friction zone and will actually transform the metal surfaces, at the atomic level, into a stronger ceramic-metal bond.

Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal SurfacesCERMET hardens the metal's crystal lattice at the surface up to 30 microns. This new hardened surface emulates the properties of pure Ceramic, hence the name CerMet (Ceramic-Metal), and will reduce friction up 100-300% CERMET will also reduce surface roughness up to 10 times. Unlike typical ceramic coatings that become brittle, the stronger CERMET surface is actually an extremely integrated structure inside the metals surface. It is impossible to see where the metal ends and the CERMET begins because together they have become a single solid structure that is harder and smoother than the original metal surface, thus reducing friction and internal losses.

One of the phenomena surrounding CERMET's incredible nano-particle technology is the fact that "atomic attractors" are also created at the metal's surface. Utilizing the friction energy, these atomic attractors will re-attract the minute metal particles floating around inside the lubrication and attach themselves (micro-weld) back onto the worn part inside the friction zone where it is needed most. This, in turn, is an ongoing rebuilding process that will renew your metal parts and never over-build. To explain - once both surfaces of a friction pair have been transformed to the new Ceramic-Metal structure, the dramatic reduction in friction lowers the energy level to a point where the physiochemical process will no longer be activated. With new mechanisms, adding CerMet is like building a custom part every time where tolerances are optimized and performance is enhanced.

CERMET's nano-particle technology not only performs in an incredible fashion but also is completely self-regulating and will keep your parts operating much longer in like-new condition.

Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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