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The engine is the heart of your vehicle's performance. And, just like a heart, when it needs surgery, there is no simple solution. The onset of dwindling gas mileage, high oil consumption, a noisy engine, erratic idling, or blue exhaust smoke is enough to throw any car owner into despair. CERMET can help repair and prevent all of this plus extend your engine’s life with one simple treatment. CERMET allows you to avoid mechanical intrusion or down time, virtually eliminating the inconvenience of repair.



The easiest method to apply CERMET is to just add it to your oil…that’s it…in 30 minutes you can begin revitalizing your engine to like-new condition. It is even possible, especially with new vehicles, to increase tolerances to better than factory specifications, thus giving you optimum performance in your engine. CERMET will never overbuild your surface because it is self regulating. Either way, CERMET will increase your engine's performance, efficiency, gas mileage, compression, horsepower and much more. CERMET will also dramatically reduce friction, oil consumption, and harmful emissions.



CERMET works great throughout the entire drive-train from engines, manual transmissions, differentials and wheel bearings. The more that is treated with CERMET the higher increase in efficiency and the better overall return on investment. Simply, CERMET reduces internal loads and losses so more energy is delivered to the wheels to propel the vehicle. CERMET attacks friction where it is most detrimental!

Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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