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CERMET grease is especially effective for repairing badly worn mechanisms. It compensates wear up to 80%. It is recommended to remove the old grease before using the CERMET grease. There are several different strengths available of CERMET grease from new parts to nearly worn out parts.

The reconditioning effect (revitalization) of CERMET SUPER-GREASES is a unique one, but the developers took into account that CERMET SUPER-GREASE will be compared to the other greases mainly by their lubricating properties. We can present you, upon request, with the results of the comparative analysis, which prove that by all basic properties CERMET SUPER-GREASES are 2 times better than the ordinary greases. Custom CERMET greases can also be developed for your specific needs.

Peterson Spring, Detroit Michigan, tested CERMET in the gearbox. The temperature dropped immediately by 10 degrees (F) and the noise and vibration levels became dramatically lower!

"We tested CERMET for friction reduction with great success. We also noticed a dramatic decrease in noise and virbration"

Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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