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CERMET LAB has formulated a special concentration of CERMET for Industrial Transportation and all large diesel engine uses. This technology is currently being utilized within Fleet Trucking, Shipping, Rail, Heavy Equipment, Mass Transit and Farm Industries world-wide. In consideration of the extreme wear and tear on these large diesel engines, CERMET is the best performing engine repair, revitalizing and protectant product on the market. Due to the high costs of constant repair and maintenance of large engines and gearboxes, CERMET provides the best solution for keeping these high priced engines running at a like-new condition far beyond their projected life expectancy.

CERMET for Industrial Transportation provides an easy and cost effective solution with a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption, maintenance labor expenditures, part replacement and need for major overhauls. In addition, reduction in down-time, due to regular and unexpected repair or maintenance work, will significantly effect your bottom line.

Keeping your vessel or vehicle running at peak performance will allow you the possibility of working harder and longer in more extreme climates, conditions, and with more rigid loads. CERMET provides you the protection you need in critical times.

CERMET for Industrial Transportation will also significantly reduce harmful emissions, oil consumption and electrical energy while dramatically saving your company money as well as resources. Our CERMET technology works so well that the need for high end expensive lubricants and motor oil isnít even necessary. The addition of CERMET with low or normal grade oil outperforms and is less expensive than costly synthetic oils. Plus, due to the increased efficiencies and reduction of friction, the operator will see a notable decrease in the vehicle or vessel's noise and vibrations.

Diesel Engines
SYSCO Food Services (Detroit hub) benefited from an 11% increase in fuel economy after using CERMET, along with increased life of floor scrubbers and completely restored earth moving equipment!

"It was incredible! I believe that the 11% increase in fuel mileage is a conservative number"

Paul B.
SYSCO Food Services of Detroit

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