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CERMET is the most powerful engine revitalizing technology in the market today. There is no other product like it nor performs as well! CERMET will dramatically reduce the friction in your vehicle's engine, transmission, differential, and bearings through our patented nano-particle physiochemical process. While repairing, renewing and revitalizing your vehicle's parts, CERMET will in turn increase compression in your cylinders, increase horsepower, and significantly reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. If you have a vehicle that is worn, burning oil, losing horsepower, or if you are just looking to maximize your vehicle's overall performance, CERMET is guaranteed to work for you.


CERMET is not an "oil additive" (which typically modify the characteristics of the oil properties). CERMET is rather a unique nano-particle chemical technology that actually restores the geometry and weight of the mating parts in a working mechanism, literally a new innovation in metal restoration and enhancement. CERMET particles are so small that it will not clog filters or interfere with any mechanism. CERMET is also self regulating, once the physiochemical process has reacted to both mating surfaces in any friction pair, the reduction in friction, in turn, reduces the energy necessary below the activation point for the reaction to continue.


The CERMET treatment of normally functioning and new engines is also very efficient and potent. It dramatically helps with the new part break-in process, while those with slight wear get quickly reconditioned. Due to an abnormally low friction coefficient of the protective coating and astronomically high micro-hardness of the friction pair's surface, internal loads on the engine parts diminish, thus considerably prolonging its service life and greatly increasing the overall efficiency. In other words, applying CERMET Technology at an early stage of an engine's life is not only "preventive medicine", but also the means to drastically improve the "health" and "muscle" of your vehicle's motor. CERMET optimizes tolerances to better than new condition for overall better performance...It's like getting a custom engine or part every time!

Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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