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Lawn Equpment, ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Personal Watercraft, or Any 2 or 4-Stroke Engine

CERMET can be applied to any 2 or 4 stroke engine with either a pre-mixed fuel or oil system as well as engines equipped with a separate fuel and oil system. This application will restore the engine's cylinder walls and repair all abrasions, increase cylinder compression, protect the mechanical parts against future wear, increase fuel efficiency, increase engine power, reduced engine noise and vibration, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

CERMET's amazing nano-particle technology will not clog filters nor void any warranty. If fact, CERMET will improve your engines performance and extend your engine's life up to three times longer. Bring your used small engine back to life or increase the overall performance of a brand new engine. Adding CERMET is like building a custom engine every time you use it. CERMET will optimize the tolerances between your piston rings and cylinder walls to better than factory specifications.... and most importantly, CERMET will never over build.

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With smoother and faster starts, using CERMET in your small engine will give you the security that your machine will be running at its best. Whether you are doing lawn work or racing in competition, give yourself the edge by running your machines at their peak performance. CERMET gives you that edge… there is no other technology like it!


Professional Racers increase horsepower, compression, and overall performace with one treatment of CerMet! "CerMet has increased my bike's performance and extended the use of rings and cylinders without replacement or boring. I've won more races this year using CerMet than without!"

Jamie Smith
Pro Racer


Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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