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CerMet Really Works! Undeniable Results from SAE J1321 Type II Test

SAE J1321 type ii test report

SAE J1321 type ii test report

SAE J1321 type II test report

International Model 9400I tandem drive Engine: Cummins ISX-450HP Transmission: Eaton Fuller 10 speed Differential: Rockwell RP 40-145 Trailer: 50' x 102" Manac van semi-trailer Overall vehicle weight: 71,172lbs Cargo Weight: 34,508lbs palletized cement Instrumentation: Champ Digital Bench Scale Model No. 300 calibrated to a max Resolution of 1:20000 to weigh fuel.

The SAE J1321 Type II test was conducted by an independent testing company, Claude Travis & Associates, implementing the CerMet ceramic-metal conditioning nano-particle technology.

"The installation of CerMet Lab Company's Ceramic-metal conditioner, in the engine oil sump of the test vehicle,   demonstrated   a   significant   and   repeatable improvement in fuel economy" - Claude Travis,   Claude Travis & Associates

Tribology Testing Labs

Specialists in Friction & Wear Analysis
Featuring SRV® Model III by Optimal Instruments Lab of Choice for Genera Motors and Ford Motor Co.

  • Fundamental research in tribology
  • Friction & wear analysis
  • Materials, lubricants & coatings
  • Infinite flexibility, custom specimens
  • Quality assurance, ASTM & DIN tests
  • Problem solving, product improvement
  • Oscillation and rotation modes
  • Digital photography, presentation graphics
  • Temperatures: -30?C to +900?C
  • Loads: 1 to 2000 Newtons
  • Frequencies:  1 to 500 Hz
  • Sliding speeds to 9.8 meters per second

DEFINITION: The CerMet test was conducted under the ASTM 5706 — "Step Load for SRV Machine" procedure. This test is recognized by the automotive industry as the standard test emulating engine conditions and is intended to quickly assess the lubricating properties of the oil in the most severe conditions.

PROCEDURE: The test is performed on a calibrated SRV machine loaded with industry standard specimens — 52100 steel (used in ball bearings) ball on the block. The ball oscillates on the block with the 1 mm stroke under different loads with a 50 Hz frequency. This procedure produces approximately 1 m/s of speed of constant rubbing on the same pinpoint location with an approximate length of 1mm. The block is preheated to 135C and one drop of the standard oil is used at the point of contact.
The ball is then loaded, step-wise, with the bad changing every 2 minutes. The initial break in period is conducted as such: 25N-50N-100N-150N-200N-300N.
The test begins rubbing parts at loads of 25N -50N through to 200N in SON increments, then at 100N steps until the rubbing parts have seized. The actual friction coefficient is measured and plotted throughout the procedure.
Tribology Testing Services conducted 3 tests; First, using only a "Base-Oil", the standard 5W30 Mineral oil currently being used by General Motors as a first fill in their assembly lines; Second, a test was conducted with the same oil plus 1% of the CerMet metal treatment, where the 1% of the CerMet solution was dissolved in the base-oil and then 1 drop of the mixture was used for the test; and Third, a test using only pure CerMet solution.

From the test result plot one can observe that the second test initially traced the base-oil line and then began to depart the base-oil curve after 15 minutes of testing, thus proving that CerMet started to work and effectively lowered the friction coefficient after a brief break-in period. The third test line demonstrates a lowered friction coefficient under all loading conditions, proving that CerMet provides drastically improved lubrication characteristics over normal base-oil. Economically, using the CerMet Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner will provide a significant return on investment, through a variety of benefits, while protecting and extending part life far beyond normal expectancies.


(Base-Oil Only)

(CerMet Only)

Metal Block Test 1  Test 3
Metal Ball Test 1  Test 3

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