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SYSCO Food Services of Detroit

SYSCO Food Services (Detroit hub) benefited from an 11% increase in fuel economy after using CERMET, along with increased life of floor scrubbers and completely restored earth moving equipment!

"It was incredible!
I believe that the 11% increase in fuel
mileage is a conservative number "

Paul B.

SYSCO Food Services of Detroit

Port Engineer

CerMet proved its worth in the first two weeks of use saving us 42% in oil consumption alone. The engines efficiency and power increased so drastically we were arriving hours earlier than any previous voyage."
Robert S.

Port Engineer

 High Performance Specialist

"CerMet is an incredible technology that I didn't believe would work at first....then it proved me wrong.  I noticed cylinder compression increase and level out, and leakdown pressure drop an average of 18%.  Our engine had three cylinders in rough shape and CerMet repaired them.  We experienced an increase in power that you would only typically see if you invested over $1000 in high-performance parts"
Joseph Clark

High Performance Specialist

Peterson spring

Peterson Spring, Detroit Michigan, tested CERMET in the gearbox. The temperature dropped immediately by 10 degrees (F) and the noise and vibration levels became dramatically lower!

"We tested CERMET for friction reduction with great success. We also noticed a dramatic decrease in noise and vibration"

Pro Racer

"CerMet has increased my sled's performance and extended the use of rings and cylinders without replacement or boring. I've won more races this year using CerMet than without!"Jamie Smith
Pro Racer

Nano-Particle Ceramic Conditioner for Metal Surfaces

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